Project "The Four Elements"
Exhibition Avesta Art,
Sweden 2004

Avesta is located approx. 150 km northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. It is an old industrial town. For centuries iron ore and copper have been refined here. The place and the circumstances were ideal for my installation.
There was the element water in a small channel, redirected from the river Dalälven. This channel was then dammned with a sluice to create power and cooling water for the iron processing.
The element air found its suitable space between the two high chimneys of the iron works.

The element earth existed already in a small room inside the iron works which was made observable through a window in the floor, making it possible to look into the underground.

For the element fire I decided to build a special room. The audience was supposed to walk into this room and into the "fire" to experience it firsthand.

The four elements as natural phenomena all are directly connected to the iron works. Thus it was a real challenge to create art out of this interdependence.

Element air
Under construction